Foundations 101 – Impeccable Skin at Your Fingertips


Ladies, Ladies, Ladies when it comes to makeup we need to get the basics correct. Now I know makeup isn't for everyone, from not needing or wanting to use it, to not having enough time, the wrong products, or not knowing what to do. On the other hand, some ladies have differing skin issues, ie: pigmentation (me), acne, dark under eyes, rosacea etc. But there are also many ladies like me who LOVE to wear makeup as it makes us feel enhanced, confident and put together.


However quite often I see ladies with the wrong foundation colour whether it's too dark or too pale, and or un-even and patchy complexions from not blending in their foundation correctly.


So let me help explain how you can get it right every single time!


There are so many brands, colours and formulations on the market it can be really over-whelming. But keep it simple, go with the knowledge I'm about to share and you'll be fine!


Foundation Testing:


Please ignore anyone who says to test your foundation on your wrists, it's totally wrong and the worst advice you could receive. If you're needing a new foundation test it on your face (the most obvious area right...!) dab

3-4 different colors along your cheek/jaw line that is similar to your skin tone and the one that shows the least or near invisible is the best for you!

Formulations:  Now this can be a complicated feat in itself! Let me give a brief run-down of four different liquid formulations.


1. Tinted Moisturizer:

Tinted moisturizer is exactly what is says a moisturizer with a subtle tint of color, it leaves a subtle barely there overall coverage, it will slightly minimize the appearance of any redness or dis-coloration, giving a fresh second skin.

Best For: More suited to ladies with little to no skin imperfections who are wanting slight no 'makeup-makeup' look.


  2. BB Cremes: 


The next level up from a Tinted Moisturizer with slightly more coverage but still less than an actual foundation. They are mostly popular for their ease of use and the fact they are filled with anti-oxidants, SPF and some are packed with skin improving ingredients.

Best For:  Ladies who aren't interested in a full-on foundation, but needs more coverage then a BB Cream.



3. CC Cremes:


Similar to a BB creme but most popular for it's effectiveness to cover dis-coloration, redness and boost dull complexions. It also is the almighty all-in-one; foundation, moisturizer, primer, and SPF.

Best For: A mature skins that need a bit of a boost of vitality and brightness.





4. Liquid Foundation:


The most common of all formulations, there are many versions to a liquid foundation with a light/medium to heavy coverage. There are no real skin benefits in a liquid foundation, apart from SOME having SPF in it, but ultimately liquid foundations give the best coverage, they cover any imperfections, redness and un-even skin tones, leaving your complexion seamless and flawless.

Best For:  All ladies wanting more coverage and skin correcting then the above 3 options,


To apply:

I like to use the top part of my hand as my pallet, so for all liquid based foundations put a teaspoon size amount to the top of your hand, if you need more later feel free to add.

With your foundation brush, I like to use my 'KTK Foundation Blender' load you brush up with a small amount and start from the top of your forehead down, working in downward strokes on one side of your face, over the eyes, all the way down to the jaw and neck line, and continue on the other side of your face. Make sure you really buff and blend your foundation so it's not visible, often I see un-blended foundation under the jaw line, near the inner corner of the eyes and around the nose. I always leave under the eyes for concealer so you aren't layering too much product under the eyes, but that's another subject altogether!


Foundation can make a huge difference to one's complexion, you really just need to spend that extra minute or so to blend it all together, so it's even and well worked into the skin.


Tip 1: Do use a primer if your makeup tends to move and come off during the day, if your makeup stays put, then a primer isn't necessary.


Tip 2: When applying concealer I like to use a 1:1 combination of concealer and foundation so

it gives a more creamier easy to use finish and less chance of creasing under the eye.


Tip 3: Finish with a light translucent powder to set and de-shine under the eyes and along the T-Zone.


And that's it ladies, I hope that helps! If you can get the basics of foundation application right, then you're off to a great start!


Till Next Time!

Krystina xx


Krystina is a makeup artist with 13 years industry experience in New Zealand, London and Hong Kong, Krystina Te Kanawa knows her stuff! She has worked in various areas of the industry, including TV (CNN, CNBC), magazines (Elle, HK Tatler), luxury brands (Veuve Cliquot, Moet Hennessy), global sporting events (London 2012 Olympics), charity events, gala balls, weddings and birthdays, but finds that the majority of ladies struggle with the same makeup problems.



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