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Move with MeTime : HIT45




After putting on a ‘few’ pounds over Christmas, I took to HIT45 on Stanley street, just off Queen’s road to find out just how much belly fat I could burn!

I was pleasantly surprised, here’s what I found:


The classes:


HIT45 offers around 8 classes a day of yes 45 mins only, so there’s always a slot ideal for you.

Classes change between ‘full body’ on Monday, Friday and Saturday’s, to ‘core, upper or lower body’ days in-between.

From the minute I got in we had a brief warm up and before I knew it, we were interchanging between running machines (not just regular treadmills), Russian kettle bell swings, squats, bicep curls and shoulder presses.

By themselves perhaps manageable, but put together with the pumping music and room filled of sweaty go getters, I quickly found my heart racing!


The breakdown of the burn:


As you can see from the graph, we had a short warm up, and then things started heating up rather quickly...



Infact, they didn't cool down much until the very end,

I don't often spend over 70% of any workout in Zone 5 of high intensity/V02 Max!



Now my Heart rate monitor cut off after 28 mins, though the class was 45 mins.

So that would've been a  WHOPPING 747 calories!

To put this into perspective, an average gym workout burns about 308 calories so this is an extremely efficient way of shredding fat and building lean muscle indeed.



It even passed the sweat test...!



The facility:


The studio comfortably fits about 6-8 people at any one time.  Whilst it has mirrors, its dimly lit so you don’t feel like you’re being watched.

They have a wide array of dumbbells, kettle bells, step up boxes, and running machines so the workout can be tailored to fit you.


The cost:

I booked through Guava pass which is very reasonable.  You can purchase directly 6/12/18 or 30 class packages, or opt for a monthly membership.

They currently have a CNY Special (15 classes for 2,600 HKD) so book now whilst you can!


WOW factor:

Yes definitely the AirRunners! Again, these are not your usual treadmills, they burn up to 30 more calories than the average treadmill.

AirRunners run on your energy, no electricity required.

This also means you can change pace at will, and this badboy has no maximum speed, just keep going!


Could have done better:

The changing rooms were a little small. That said given the workout is only 45 minutes, I don’t mind waiting a bit to cool down and meet people before getting back to work.


Overall experience:

I thoroughly enjoyed, the instructor, Shayna found the right balance between making everyone feel comfortable whilst motivating us to achieve.

HIT45 certainly does what it does what it says on the tin, High Intensity Training in a short space of time.

My guess is that you won’t find many other places you can burn 750+ calories in 45 minutes, if you do, please let us know…!


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By Aaron


p.s. they are offering a free trial so what are you waiting for?





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