About Us

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MeTime - our mission

We’re all about breaking down barriers and making things easier. Say you’re interested in doing a cosmetic treatment, but you’re not sure where to start. You’ve so many questions and uncertainties: what treatments are available? Which procedure will suit me best? Can I afford it? Are there experts in my area, or in a different city? MeTime’s mission is to make it easy for everyone, everywhere, to find the right treatment with the right Provider. MeTime removes the need to spend hours on web browsers trying to figure out what’s what and who’s who. You don’t need multiple physical consultations and assessments with different specialists before deciding what’s best for you. Now you can do all that through the MeTime app. Providers harnass the power of MeTime to connect and communicate with people who seek their services, providing tailored recommendations based on profiles, preferences and photos. MeTime makes it easier. MeTime makes it better.

Our technical expertise

Making things simpler can be complex! We’ve designed a delightfully simple user interface to allow the user flow through the app quickly and easily. The Provider experience has been carefully considered to allow them navigate their dashboards and panels easily too. The MeTime team of experts’ priority was to deliver a seamless, secure connection between user and Provider so that the right information is shared and a real human interaction is created. Our technical experts called upon several decades of experience to deliver the ultimate mobile application and platform. New features and upgrades are already in the pipeline to further enhance the experience for both users and Providers. MeTime is dynamic, living, and always improving.

Data security

We understand the need to prioritise security as first and foremost. MeTime Corporation collaborates with some of the most secure systems in the world, employing end-to-end encryption on all communications and interactions. All data is transmitted confidentially with secured, layered protection.