Antera 3D Imaging System


Antera 3D Imaging System

Plastic surgeons and dermatologists use various tools to perform skin analysis and tailor cosmetic treatments based on the results. One such consultation tool is called Antera 3D. Please continue reading to learn how this skin analysis system can tell you more about your skin in less than 60 seconds.

What is Antera 3D skin analysis?

The Irish company Miravex Limited, which specializes in optics, image analysis and software engineering, has developed a patented method for skin imaging and analysis called the Antera 3D camera. This device can capture images, reconstruct three-dimensional images, and perform powerful data analysis of the skin surface. Notably, some other skin analysis systems rely on 2D imaging and are not as accurate as Antera 3D. For this reason, Antera 3D is especially effective in analyzing topographic features in the skin, such as skin texture, wrinkles, pores, and volume.

What does Antera 3D measure?

As mentioned, Antera 3D maps your skin profile. Meaning, it measures skin topography, including blemishes such as wrinkles, pores, skin texture, and acne scars.

The device features a multi-spectral analyzer that can measure pigmentation and vascular lesions, including hyper pigmentation, red and brown spots, port wine stains, and rosacea.

Last but not least, Antera 3D has a colorimeter that can measure skin phototype (skin color and skin type based on color differences).

How does it work?

The process to measure skin topography is as simple as point and shoot. The image acquisition takes less than one second and the data is available immediately even before an image is saved by the system. Therefore, Antera 3D works in real-time and there's no lengthy post-processing required.

Skin analysis with the Antera 3D software is quick because the device can perform simultaneous analysis across various channels using a multi spectral analyser. This means several images can be analyzed concurrently for skin color, wrinkles, acne scars, pigmentation, etc.

A full analysis report is generated for assessment. The data can be quickly exported to a CSV file with a single click. Indeed, the Antera software allows you and your doctor to compare more than 100 images within minutes. Reports are available as images, tables, and graphs for easy analysis.

What are the benefits of Antera 3D?

The Antera imaging system has several technological advantages over its competitors, such as:

Real-time 3D imaging

Fast: Full skin analysis in less than 60 seconds

Standardized lighting conditions

Large field of view of the camera

Versatile skin analysis of texture, wrinkles, pores, volume, and more

Ability to measure skin colour, colour differences, and skin type

High measurement precision

High repeatability with instrumental error rate of less than 2%

High reproducibility (skin analysis performed by different operators shows no differences)

Powerful data analysis

Image acquisition is fast and data export and analysis is quick too

Patented image reconstruction method with full 3D images of the skin surface.

Easy data export with reports generated in the form of graphs, tables, and images and data export to CSV files with one click

Automatic tagging of baseline and follow-up images and display in chronological order for easy skin analysis

Is Antera 3D imaging accurate?

Yes, Antera 3D uses an advanced, patented imaging method that provides very precise measurements for all the parameters (topographical features) analyzed such as texture, pores, wrinkles, acne scars, etc. The instrumental error rate in artificial skin samples under controlled conditions has been found to be less than 2%.

There are several advanced technological features in the device such as an anti-blurring algorithm that detects camera movement and warns the operator in real-time if there is shaking. This prevents blurred images from getting saved. The software also detects image artefacts due to suboptimal lighting conditions and warns the operator in real-time if this occurs. The device has an exposure indicator that automatically detects light exposure and indicates proper exposure with a green indicator. The software warns against over-exposure and under-exposure with red and yellow indicators, respectively. Any followup image that is acquired is compared to the matching baseline image in the registry using a proprietary algorithm. If the followup image is out of the registry, this is indicated to the operator in real-time.

How does Antera 3D compare to Visia skin analysis?

Tests performed to compare Antera 3D to another popular skin analysis system called Visia found that Antera 3D is more sensitive for the assessment of wrinkles and age-related pores in the skin. This is likely because Antera 3D uses multidirectional lighting with LEDs of different wavelengths.

Finding aesthetic medicine doctors for Antera 3D skin analysis

If you would like to undergo skin analysis using an Antera 3D camera, the MeTime app makes it easy to find aesthetic medical professionals who offer this service. But that's not all. MeTime gives you the opportunity to chat with experts, share photos, do a video call, get quotes, and much more. Download the MeTime app today and find out more about Antera 3D skin analysis.

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