Arion Lasers


Arion Lasers

Laser technology has advanced considerably in the past few decades. It is now widely used in aesthetic medicine for a range of applications, including fast and effective hair removal as well as treating superficial vascular lesions and superficial pigmented lesions. One such state-of-the-art alexandrite laser is called the Alma Arion. Continue reading to learn more about these powerful alexandrite laser systems and how they can benefit you.

What is Alma laser hair removal?

An alexandrite laser emits an optimal wavelength of 755 nm. This wavelength is suitable for hair removal because it is absorbed by the melanin (pigment) in the hair follicles. The heat from the laser destroys the hair follicle, thus resulting in highly effective hair removal.

An alexandrite laser is the optimal laser for hair removal in skin types I - IV. (Skin types I - IV include pale or fair skin and darker white or light brown skin). Powerful alexandrite laser systems provide fast hair removal and been found to outperform Nd:YAG lasers in people with lighter skin types I - IV and lighter hair shades.

Can alexandrite lasers be used on superficial pigmented lesions?

The long laser pulse and high pulse repetition rates of the alexandrite laser make it ideal not only for laser hair removal but also for treating pigmented skin changes. In general, patients with darker skin types respond better than those with lighter skin.

Can Alma Lasers be used for treating superficial vascular lesions?

The main target of the alexandrite laser beam is the melanin in pigmented skin. However, the laser energy is also effectively absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood within blood vessels. This makes vascular indications safe for treatment with the alexandrite laser.

What is the best laser for laser hair removal?

Alexandrite lasers are the fastest for laser hair removal, especially for lighter skin complexions. They can be used for treatment of large areas of the body. The Arion alexandrite laser provides fast and effective hair removal as well as effective treatment of superficial pigmented lesions and superficial vascular lesions.

What is the most advanced laser hair removal?

Arion features a high peak power of 70 watts, repetition rates of 5 Hz, an optimal wavelength, and burst mode, making it the gold standard for hair removal, in particular for skin types I-IV. The 755 nm wavelength is best absorbed by the pigment (melanin) and works for people with the widest range of hair textures and hair shades. Also, Arion features an ergonomic handpiece for greater provider and patient comfort. These features make Arion laser one of the fastest, most powerful, and versatile alexandrite laser systems currently available.

Finding a provider for laser treatments

Whether you are looking for laser hair removal or treatment of pigmented skin changes, Arion alexandrite laser is a versatile system suitable for the widest range of treatment options. It is the gold standard in laser hair removal because the wavelength is effectively absorbed by the melanin. It is one of the fastest lasers on the market. Arion can provide fast hair removal as well as treatment of superficial pigmented lesions and superficial vascular lesions.

The important thing with laser treatments is to find an experienced provider who can use this versatile system safely and effectively. The MeTime app makes it easy to find leading providers for powerful alexandrite laser systems in your area. You can chat with experts, upload pictures, do a video consult, and have suggestions sent directly to you. What are you waiting for? Download the MeTime app today!

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