Onda Body Contouring


Onda Body Contouring

Among the various non surgical body contouring treatments and body sculpting devices available to clients today, one treatment that stands out is Onda body contouring. Continue reading to learn more about this ground-breaking technology that can destroy fat cells, stimulate collagen production, treat cellulite, and address skin laxity. Find out more about what Onda treatment can do for you.

What is the Onda body sculpting system?

Onda Coolwaves is a state-of-the-art body contouring system that uses patented microwave technology. It can reduce localized subcutaneous adipose tissue (fat cells), stimulate the formation of new collagen fibres, target cellulite, and achieve skin tightening. The system can be applied to adipose lobules all over the body, including the abdomen, hips, thighs, upper arms, and submental area (double chin).

How does it work?

The Coolwaves body system stimulates cellular metabolic processes. It works by dissolving fat cells in localized fat deposits. It is also effective in firming up the skin surface to improve skin laxity. Onda is useful for cellulite reduction and can be used to treat even more advanced stages of cellulite. What's more, the system increases the production of new collagen in the connective tissue surrounding fat deposits by stimulating physiological metabolic processes. As a result, you get a more shapely silhouette as well as smoother, tighter, more youthful skin with reduced cellulite after an Onda treatment.

The combined effect of skin tightening, skin toning, fat reduction, and cellulite improvement makes the Onda Coolwaves body platform one of the most effective body contouring systems available on the market today.

How effective is Onda on subcutaneous fat cells and connective tissue?

Fat cells

When compared to radiofrequency RF based body contouring systems, Onda scores higher in both safety and efficacy. This is because the 2.45 GHz microwaves generated by the Coolwaves body system selectively target subcutaneous adipose cells and breaks down cell membranes, leading to fat cell death. In other words, Onda targets the adipose lobules deep in the connective tissues of the dermis (the middle layer of skin) without damaging the more superficial layers of skin.

Collagen production

Onda also stimulates the production of new collagen fibres, which results in skin tightening and smoothening.


The treatment breaks down the fibrous bands in the connective tissue that pull on the adipose lobules. These bands are what cause the orange peel effect known as cellulite. Therefore, Onda is an effective cellulite reduction technology for even the most advanced stages of cellulite.

Energy distribution

Approximately 80% of the energy generated by the Onda system targets localized fat molecules in the dermis, without harming the epidermis (upper layer of skin). This helps to dissolve localized fat deposits without damaging the skin surface.

In contrast, radiofrequency fat reduction systems generate RF energy that is more superficially absorbed by the epidermis and upper part of the dermis. Only about 30% of RF energy goes to the dermis where localised fat cells are present. These localised fat deposits are responsible for the bulges of stubborn fat that do not go away with diet and exercise. Onda is, therefore, more effective than RF systems in targeting fat bulges.

Is Onda effective for fat reduction and cellulite?

Onda is the first and only device that has a three-in-one effect in multiple body areas. It can target subdermal fat layer, cellulite (which produces the orange peel effect), and skin laxity with a single treatment. The results are visible immediately and are long lasting.

What to expect with the Onda procedure?


At the time of your consultation, your provider will give you pre treatment instructions. It is worth remembering that Onda is not a weight loss treatment. Rather, it is a body contouring treatment that can sculpt your silhouette and improve the appearance of your skin in the treatment area.


As noted, during Onda treatments, microwaves are used to target fat in the fat layer. At the same time, skin tightening Onda treats loose skin and stimulates collagen fibres to give the skin a smoother, younger appearance. Last but not least, Onda targets cellulite to reduce the appearance of unsightly lumps and bumps. The broken down fat cells and free fat are naturally eliminated by the body's lymphatic system.

The treatment itself does not involve any cuts, needles, or anesthesia. It is a completely painless procedure. There is no downtime and you can drive yourself home and return to your normal activities the same day of your Onda treatment.


You will see some immediate shrinkage after one Onda treatment. However, it typically requires 2-4 sessions before you get the best results. Skin tightening and cellulite reduction usually take at least two sessions to be noticeable.

Is Onda Coolwaves safe?

Cooling system

The Onda Coolwaves body platform comes with an integrated cooling system. This contact skin cooling system counterbalances the heat produced by the microwaves and prevents over-heating of the tissues. This is an important safety feature of the Onda platform.

Two hand pieces

Also, the system has two hand pieces that target fat and emit skin tightening Coolwaves at both shallow and deep depths. This makes it easy for the provider to adapt and modulate the treatment to each patient as well as to the treatment area (abdomen, hips, thighs, upper arms, chin). This feature of the Onda system ensures that the body contouring is completely safe.

Side effects

The surrounding tissue and treated area remains warm for a few hours after the treatment. Some people develop mild bruising after an Onda treatment, but this usually resolves on its own in a few days.

Are Onda results permanent?

Onda treatment stimulates natural cellular metabolism and permanently gets rid of subcutaneous fat. It can also dramatically reduce stubborn cellulite and tighten up loose skin. However, it is important to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet to maintain the results. If you are overweight or obese, it may be a good idea to lose weight before undergoing Onda treatments.

How much does Onda treatment cost?

In the United Kingdom, Onda sessions cost £500 on average. Remember, you will likely require 3-5 sessions to get optimum results. Your provider may offer you a package of 4 sessions for around £1,200. The cost will also depend on the treatment area (larger body areas cost more). Prices can vary in other parts of the world. It is worth noting that Onda is an elective cosmetic treatment (it is not done for medical diagnostic or treatment purposes) and therefore it is not covered by health insurance.

Finding an Onda Body Sculpting provider

Onda treatment can reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve skin laxity, and blitz localised fat deposits, giving your self confidence a boost. The treatment covers some of the most common problems people want to address, all with a single procedure.

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