Vbeam Perfecta


Vbeam Perfecta

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons sometimes recommend treating vascular and pigmented lesions with pulsed laser energy. The Vbeam laser is one such device. Developed by Syneron Candela, it targets discoloration and pigment issues in the skin.

Vbeam Perfecta and Vbeam Prima are both a type of pulsed dye laser. They are advanced lasers that be used to treat facial redness associated with a broad range of skin conditions. Some skin conditions that can benefit from this type of laser treatment include acne, fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, spider veins, and rosacea, among others. Not only can you get a smoother skin complexion but also a firmer skin texture and more even skin tone. Besides skin redness, Vbeam laser is also used to treat facial scars.

Please continue reading to learn everything there is to know about the Vbeam Perfecta treatment. 

What is Vbeam Perfecta?

Vbeam Perfecta is an advanced pulsed dye laser. It is used to treat pigmented and vascular skin lesions. The laser pulse generated by this device consists of an intense but gentle burst of light that can selectively target blood vessels and capillaries in the skin.

How does it work?

As noted, Vbeam Perfecta is a pulsed dye laser. It can target the hemoglobin in blood inside veins and broken capillaries, without damaging nearby skin. In this way, it eliminates the offending blood vessels. Over time, the body reabsorbs the damaged blood vessel. This eliminates the lesion for which a patient is seeking treatment.

Sessions with Vbeam Perfecta treat a range of vascular and pigmentary concerns like port wine stains, facial veins, leg veins, hemangiomas, and other vascular concerns. The laser system has a dynamic cooling device that helps to minimize patient discomfort during treatment.

What does Vbeam Perfecta treat?

Some of the conditions that this pulsed dye laser (PDL) can treat include angiomas, hemangiomas, rosacea, facial veins, blue veins, spider veins, port wine stains, birthmarks, acne scars, age spots, poikiloderma (hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation), telangiectasias, and other dermatologic conditions. The laser targets these lesions and leads to less redness and skin discoloration.

The heat generated by the laser also stimulates collagen production in the skin and surrounding tissue. As a result, patients often report an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles and noticeably firmer skin after treatment.

How to prepare for Vbeam treatments?

Your dermatologist or plastic surgeon will see you in initial consultation to ensure you are a good candidate for Vbeam Perfecta.

This is a gentle laser and is suitable for most skin types. You don't need any special preparation before the treatment. However, it is a good idea to avoid sun exposure as much as possible in the 3-4 weeks leading up to your Vbeam Perfecta appointment. You should also avoid harsh exfoliation or scrubbing in the days before your treatment to avoid injuring your skin.

Plan the treatment for a time when you don't have anything important coming up. This will give you time to recover from any mild bruising or swelling.

What to expect during pulsed dye laser treatments?

Your dermatologist will give you protective eyewear to use. They will then apply the laser handpiece to the treatment area and turn on the system so that the laser fires. Many patients report feeling a slight tingling or irritation of the skin during the pulsed dye laser treatment. However, in general, the procedure is not uncomfortable. It's more like a rubber band snapping against the skin rather than pain as such.

The great thing about the Vbeam system is that it has an in-built dynamic cooling device which sprays cold air with each pulse of laser energy to minimize discomfort. This prevents overheating of the surrounding tissues and reduces the risk of skin damage, making the laser treatment extremely safe.  

What results can I expect?

Clinical results can vary from patient to patient. In general, some initial improvement in visible veins can be seen in the treated area within a few hours to days. However, the full results develop in 1-2 weeks. The Vbeam Perfecta treatment eliminates the blood vessels, so the results are long-lasting. However, additional treatments may be necessary if new veins develop in the same area.

What is the downtime?

There is minimal downtime after Vbeam Perfecta. Most patients can return to their normal daily activities the same day.

What are the potential side effects?

Possible side effects of the treatment may include mild swelling, redness, bruising, and sensitivity to light. There can also be some mild itching or irritation in the surrounding skin. More serious, but rare, problems include hyperpigmentation and scarring. 

What is the aftercare for laser treatments?

There is no special aftercare except sun avoidance and sun protection and avoiding harsh exfoliation. It is also a good idea to avoid activities that cause the skin to heat up, such as strenuous exercise, for a few days.

Vbeam Perfecta vs. IPL Photofacial: Which is better?

IPL (intense pulsed light) is also a treatment for facial redness and sun damage. The Vbeam laser targets the blood vessels to treat vascular lesions. IPL, on the other hand, works by increasing collagen production in the skin in response to the light energy. Generally speaking, Vbeam Perfecta can achieve results in fewer sessions. In other words, if you have issues like rosacea or broken capillaries, you will need multiple treatments with IPL.  

How much does Vbeam Perfecta treatment cost?

Each session of Vbeam Perfect ranges in cost from $400 to $800. The total cost depends on the number of treatments. Most patients need 3-5 treatments for optimal results. Your dermatologist may recommend annual maintenance treatments. 

 Vbeam Perfecta laser treatment in a nutshell

Treats: Vascular lesions, facial veins, birthmarks, telangiectasias, and other pigmented and vascular skin issues.

Treatment area: Nearly any part of the face or body.

Anesthesia: Topical local anesthesia.

Pain level: Minimal.

Downtime: None.

Side Effects: Mild redness and swelling for 1-2 days, skin darkening after treatment of birthmarks.

Results: Visible in 7-10 days and long-lasting (6 months to 2 years).

How many treatments: 3-5 (your doctor will develop a customized treatment plan for you).

Finding a provider for laser skin treatments

If you are looking for solutions for pigmented lesions or skin discoloration, Vbeam Perfecta could be a good treatment option. Besides clearing a skin lesion, it also works by boosting collagen production and improving overall skin quality.

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