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Many people retain stubborn fat in some parts of their body, commonly the abdomen, flanks, buttocks, hips, and thighs. At the same time, there are other parts of the body where there is volume loss. For example, because of the natural aging process, fine lines and wrinkles develop in parts of the face. Such areas can benefit from fat grafting to fill the lines.

BeautiFill is a one-step procedure that addresses both problems simultaneously. Continue reading to learn more about this advanced fat transfer technology and find out what BeautiFill can do for you.

What Is BeautiFill™?

BeautiFill is a state-of-the-art fat transfer technology from Alma Lasers that combines liposuction and fat grafting. The procedure involves using laser technology to gently remove healthy, live natural fat cells from areas where you don't want them (such as the abdomen or buttocks) and using the same fat cells to restore fullness in areas where extra volume is needed (such as the facial areas).

The main advantage of BeautiFill over traditional fat harvesting methods is that the transferred fat cells are of high quality and are highly vital (meaning, the cells are alive and healthy). This means that with a single procedure you can get rid of stubborn fat in problem areas and also undergo fat grafting in other locations without using any synthetic products.

How does BeautiFill work?

As noted, BeautiFill can help to reduce volume and restore volume in one simple office-based procedure. First, laser energy is used to gently loosen fat in an area where it is not wanted, such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, or neck. The BeautiFill fat removal process is a more gentle fat extraction compared to traditional fat transfer procedures. This ensures that the harvested fat cells are vital. Live fat cells are important because they will undergo immediate reimplantation into another part of the body.

What is the difference between regular fat cells transfer and BeautiFill fat transfer?

Traditional fat transfer is a time-consuming process that involves more trauma to the natural fat cells. As a result, harvesting fat leads to the death of a large percentage of the fatty tissue. When such tissue is used for fat grafting, the results can be unpredictable because it is impossible to tell how much of the grafted fat will survive. Some patients end up with overfill while others have underfill because the transferred fat cells do not survive. In contrast, BeautiFill fat is highly vital (alive and healthy), making it ideal for fat grafting.

Where can BeautiFill be used? Is it used for a Brazilian butt lift?

One of the most common uses of BeautiFill fat is to fill fine lines and wrinkles in the face. This includes wrinkles under the eyes, on the temples, cheeks, lips, nasolabial folds, chin, and jawline. The transferred fat cells can also be used fill depressed scars in various parts of the body. BeautiFill, therefore, gives you an alternative to dermal fillers. It can also be combined with dermal fillers for more natural facial rejuvenation.

A BeautiFill procedure can also be performed as an alternative to synthetic implants for enlarging the breasts (breast augmentation). BeautiFill fat is also sometimes used to perform a Brazilian butt lift with autologous fat transfer.

How long does BeautiFill last? Are fat transfer procedures permanent?

BeautiFill gives long lasting results. However, they are not permanent. Like traditional liposuction, the fat removed from an area such as the belly or thighs is gone forever. The lost volume and shapely body contour will be maintained as long as you lead a healthy lifestyle and avoid gaining a significant amount of weight.

The results of the fat transfer, however, vary depending on how much of the transferred fatty tissue survives. In general, BeautiFill produces longer lasting results than traditional liposuction and fat grafting.

Why is BeautiFill safer than other procedures?

Like all surgical procedures, BeautiFill does carry some risks. However, the fat harvesting and fat transfer are performed in one treatment, which makes the procedure less invasive and safer overall, while also ensuring a higher rate of survival of the transferred fatty tissue.

Why choose BeautiFill? What are the benefits?

Traditional fat transfer procedures often have unpredictable results. Some patients are very happy with the outcome while others are disappointed. A key advantage of BeautiFill is that the results are predictable. This type of fat transfer is superior to a traditional fat transfer because it combines harvesting fat and grafting it simultaneously.

BeautiFill ensures a higher percentage (up to 90%) of the harvested fat survives. It takes the guess work out of how much fat transfer is required to achieve aesthetically pleasing results. The surgeon knows nearly all the fat cells will survive with BeautiFill, so they don't end up overfilling or underfilling.

There is another advantage as well. When it is used to fill lines and wrinkles on the face, BeautiFill results tend to be more natural, softer, and longer lasting than dermal fillers.

What to expect during the BeautiFill treatment?

A BeautiFill procedure can be performed under local anesthesia for small areas of liposuction and minor corrections of lost volume. However, if large volume liposuction is planned, general anesthesia may be required. Your plastic surgeon will discuss the type of anesthesia with you at the time of your initial consultation.

The procedure itself involves removal of natural fat from one area (this is the liposuction portion of the procedure). The liposuction is accomplished using a laser energy device. The fatty tissue is then processed and injected into the desired target location, for example, the face or breasts or butt, during the same treatment session.

What is recovery like after BeautiFill®?

BeautiFill is a non-surgical treatment and recovery is pretty quick after the treatment. The risk of complications is low because there are no synthetic implants used. There may be some swelling and bruising in the treated areas, which usually resolve over a few days to weeks.

Am I a good candidate for BeautiFill®?

You are a good candidate for BeautiFill if you have lost volume in parts of your face due to aging or you would like minor enhancement of areas such as your breasts or butt with natural fat cells. Your plastic surgeon will obtain a complete health history and perform a physical examination before deciding whether BeautiFill is appropriate for you.

How can I find a BeautiFill provider near me?

BeautiFill has several benefits over conventional liposuction and fat transfer treatment. However, it is important to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience with BeautiFill to ensure you get the best results.

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