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Lumpy and dimpled skin, commonly called cellulite, is a frequent occurrence, especially among adult women. Cellulite looks unsightly and can make you feel less confident about your body. But you don't have to live with this cottage cheese or orange peel skin. A safe treatment utilizing laser technology can give your skin a smoother appearance. We're talking about CelluSmooth, a minimally invasive treatment from Sciton Laser, a leader in the aesthetic market. Continue reading to learn more about CelluSmooth cellulite reduction treatment and how it can benefit you.

What is CelluSmooth?

CelluSmooth is a cellulite treatment that uses laser energy to break up the fibrous bands beneath the skin surface. These bands are responsible for the formation of lumpy and dimpled skin in areas of the body such as the buttocks, thighs, and abdomen. The treatment is a minimally invasive procedure which is performed under local anesthesia in a doctor's office.

The CelluSmooth system has three distinct modes that enables physicians to tailor the treatment to each patient's needs. Doctors can perform quick cellulite treatment with long lasting results. Notably, laser treatment gives far superior results compared to off-the-shelf cellulite creams.

How does CelluSmooth work on lumpy and dimpled skin?

During the procedure, your physician will insert a very thin probe under the surface of your skin in the target area where you have cellulite. The laser probe will deliver precise energy to break up the fibrous bands in the dermis that are causing dimples, lumpy skin, and the appearance of cellulite. The laser will treat only the target area. The surrounding tissue will be left unchanged, which means you will heal from CelluSmooth treatment quickly.

What makes CelluSmooth different?

What patients love about CelluSmooth is that it is a minimally invasive treatment that is fast and effective. It gives exceptional results with essentially no downtime. Most patients can return to everyday activities 24 hours after the laser treatment.

Additional benefits include the fact that the procedure is done under local anesthesia. There is no overnight hospital stay required and the cost is lower compared to procedures done with general anesthesia.

Another one of the benefits patients love is the long lasting results, which means there is no need to come back for yearly treatments.

When do you see results with CelluSmooth?

After approximately one month, patients can see the results of their CelluSmooth procedure with smoother skin in the treated area.

What is the downtime with CelluSmooth cellulite treatment?

Most patients can return to everyday activities the next day.

What are the side effects of cellulite treatment?

There may be some minor bruising and swelling after the treatment. This usually resolves quickly on its own.

What's the difference between CelluSmooth, Cellfina, and Cellulaze?

All three work similarly by breaking down the fibrous bands beneath the surface (in the dermis or middle layer of skin). As noted above, it is these bands that cause the appearance of cellulite. However, CelluSmooth uses laser energy that can precisely destroy the bands without damaging surrounding tissue. The laser also melts pockets of fat under the skin for even better results in smoothening dimples and lumps. The procedure can be combined with liposuction of fat if there are unwanted pockets of adipose tissue in the area.

How much does CelluSmooth cost?

The one-time treatment typically costs $4,000 to $7,500 but prices can vary depending on the part of the body you're going to treat and where you live.

Finding a provider

The MeTime app makes it easy to find aesthetic providers for CelluSmooth cellulite treatment. You can chat with experts, upload pictures, schedule a video consult, and have suggestions sent directly to you. Can't wait to schedule the procedure and get rid of lumpy and dimpled skin? Download the MeTime app today!

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