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For many people, diet and exercise is a way of life. But despite a healthy lifestyle, they struggle with bulges of stubborn fat in problem areas like the arms, abdomen, flanks, hips, thighs, and buttocks. One of the most common ways to get rid of unwanted fat is through surgical procedures such as liposuction. However, not everyone is willing to undergo surgical procedures.

CoolTech treatment is an option for such individuals. It is a non-surgical fat freezing treatment that can be performed on multiple body areas to reduce localised fat. CoolTech by Cocoon Medical is fast becoming the favourite method of treating celebrities. Keep reading to learn more about this innovative system which can give you truly miraculous results. Learn more about what to expect during the treatment and how much it costs.

What is CoolTech?

CoolTech is a full body contouring treatment that uses controlled cooling to freeze adipose tissue. The technology is called cryolipolysis or cryoadipolysis. It is based on the principle that fat cells are vulnerable to cold temperature. The CoolTech procedure works by freezing adipose tissue (fat cells) in various body areas, which leads to controlled cell death. The body slowly absorbs the dead fat cells over time. Based on these characteristics, CoolTech treatment is the perfect method for reducing fat permanently with just a few sessions.

Does CoolTech fat freezing work on localised and general fat?

Yes, CoolTech is a method of reducing localised as well as general fat. The treated area usually consists of common problem areas such as the neck, underarm folds, arms, abdomen, flanks, back, hips, buttocks, and inner thighs. The innovative system enables doctors to perform full body contouring through a range of different applicators, such as the Tiny HP that is suitable for small areas (for example, under the chin), the Double HP that is ideal for the abdominal area, the Tight HP that is used on flat areas like the hips, and the Curved, Straight, and Oval HP for multiple body areas.

Is CoolTech the same as CoolSculpting?

CoolTech and CoolSculpting use the same fat freezing technology that relies on temperature changes for freezing adipose tissue. However, CoolTech, which was developed by Cocoon Medical in Europe, is more affordable when compared to CoolSculpting in the same area.

Also, CoolTech can be applied to multiple body areas with unwanted fat. This is because the exclusive and safe device comes with two simultaneous applicators. Using two applicators simultaneously has enormous advantages. It allows the doctor to treat unwanted fat in multiple areas at the same time, reducing treatment time and improving patient comfort. As noted, the different applicators in the CoolTech system can be used in different parts of the body which are curved, flat, lax, or tight.

Am I a candidate for CoolTech?

CoolTech is a method of getting rid of small areas of localised fat that does not go away with diet and exercise. The treatment can be performed on all types of skin in both men and women. However, it is worth noting that the results from this non-invasive treatment are usually not as a dramatic as a surgical procedure like liposuction. Therefore, if you are looking for profound or incredible results, you may want to discuss other options with your aesthetic doctor. It is also worth noting that CoolTech is not a weight loss treatment. It is not recommended for people who are overweight or obese and are looking for a way to lose weight.

What to expect with CoolTech treatment?


Once you have filled out the contact form, you will go in for a consultation with an aesthetic doctor. They will take your weight and measurements to monitor your progress after CoolTech treatment.


You do not need any special preparation before the treatment. There is no special diet, supplements, or medications. However, you should try to stay well hydrated in the days leading up to your procedure because this can help improve treatment outcomes.


You will be asked to change into a treatment gown. A gel sheet will be applied to the target area to protect the skin. The appropriate CoolTech applicator will then be applied. It consists of a suction cup that creates a vacuum and pulls the fat bulge into the device. Your provider will then adjust the settings and start the treatment. You will experience a cold sensation at first but this will quickly settle as the area becomes numb. At the completion of the treatment, the suction cup will be removed and the area will be massaged to get the circulation going. The entire process can take 60 minutes or more for each area, so it may be a good idea to bring a tablet/book for entertainment or your laptop so you can work.

Aftercare and recovery

CoolTech is a non-invasive treatment. There are no cuts, no needles, and no anesthesia. Recovery is immediate and you can drive yourself home and return to your normal activities on the same day. There may be some slight redness, swelling, and discomfort in the area, but this usually resolves on its own in a few days.


People who undergo a CoolTech procedure can get up to 25% reduction in fat thickness in the treated area. It can take up to 4 weeks to notice a difference as the body needs time to clear up the frozen and dead fat cells. The final result is visible after about 12 weeks. You may need 2-3 treatments to get the desired result. The sessions are usually scheduled 6-8 weeks apart.

How much does CoolTech freezing of fat cells cost?

The cost of a single CoolTech session is around $500 at a North American dermatologist clinic center. Prices can vary in other parts of the world. You may be able to bring your per treatment cost down by purchasing a package of four or more treatments.

Finding a provider

Choosing a licensed and experienced CoolTech provider guarantees maximum safety during the procedure. The MeTime app makes it easy to find experienced CoolTech providers in your area. You can click and upload pictures, chat with experts, and have suggestions sent directly to you. Try the MeTime app today!

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