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Sinon II Lasers

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Sinon II Lasers

Whether you have brown spots, freckles, other pigmented lesions or artificial inks in unwanted tattoos, the Alma Sinon II laser can address the problem. Continue reading to learn more about this advanced laser technology that can effectively treat pigmented lesions and multi colored tattoos in every skin type.

What is Sinon II laser?

The Alma Sinon II is a Q-switched ruby laser (QSRL) that offers precise laser treatment of pigmented lesions and multi colored tattoos. This Q-switched ruby laser utilizes a 694nm wavelength and has an extraordinarily short pulse width (20 nanoseconds) along with a high pulse repetition rate and easily changeable spot sizes. These features allow a greater penetration depth of the laser energy with faster treatments and minimal side effects, while ensuring you are achieving excellent clinical outcomes.

Sinon II is a safe and precise laser that offers accurate treatment, resulting in quick patient acceptance and high patient satisfaction. It is often the first choice to treat a pigmented lesion such as a brown spot or age spot. Also, a ruby laser like Sinon II is the gold standard for removing green tattoo pigment and removing multi colored tattoos.  The Sinon II is suitable for all skin types including darker skin and sensitive skin.

What is a Q-switched ruby laser? How does Q switch laser work?

Q-switch technology is one of the most effective ways to remove both natural pigments and artificial ink pigments. Devices like Sinon II are therefore ideal to treat the natural pigment in pigmented lesions and multi colored tattoos with artificial inks.

How does the laser work? The Alma Sinon II is a Q-switched ruby laser that will deliver photo-acoustic shockwaves to the treatment area. The short nanosecond pulses of energy cause vibration and controlled damage in the treatment area. There is very low absorption and minimal risk to the surrounding tissues. The shockwaves disrupt the pigment density and break it into tiny fragments. The body's immune system slowly absorbs the pigment fragments over time, leaving the treated area with clear skin.

There is no scarring after the removal of the pigmented lesion or tattoo.  The intuitive user interface allows providers to quickly adjust treatment parameters according to the treatment needs of the skin lesions and multi color tattoos. The technology permits fast treatment as well as safe and effective treatment. This gives providers the ability to achieve comparable results to more expensive technology or more aggressive lasers with less patient downtime. Q-switched technology is, therefore, not only a cost effective solution for patients but it also promotes a more efficient practice for physicians.

What's special about the Ruby 694 nm wavelength?

The ruby 694 nm laser is known worldwide as the most effective Q-switch laser wavelength. Not only is it the ideal choice for pigmented lesions but it is also the gold standard for tattoo removal of green inks and multi color tattoos. This is because tattoo inks and pigments in the skin selectively absorb the 694 nm wavelength. This selective absorption allows both superficial and deep pigments to be targeted at low fluence values, thus reducing the risk of damage to the surrounding tissues.

Does ruby laser treat blood vessels?

There is very little absorption of the 694 nm wavelength by hemoglobin in blood. This reduces the risk of bleeding after Sinon II ruby Q-switched laser treatment. However, this means that a ruby laser like Sinon II is not the ideal choice to treat blood vessels. There are other effective laser treatments for facial veins, varicose veins, and other lesions involving blood vessels. You can connect with aesthetic medicine doctors or dermatologists through the MeTime app to discuss your options.

Why is the pulse important?

A key feature of the Alma Sinon II is the very short pulse duration of 20 nanoseconds and also the high pulse repetition rate. These features are important because they create a high peak power. This ensures faster treatments, optimum efficiency, and minimal discomfort for patients.

The extraordinarily short pulse width also allows providers to maintain low fluence values and still obtain good results with minimal patient discomfort. Lastly, low fluence values permit the use of larger spot sizes with resultant fast treatment. Providers can target deeper pigments with a safe and accurate treatment.

Sinon II is therefore a precise laser treatment solution for multi color tattoo removal and pigmented lesion removal in every skin tone including darker skin as well as sensitive skin. 

What to expect during Sinon II treatment?

The procedure itself is relatively simple. The majority of patients tolerate Sinon II treatments very well. Patients describe the sensation of a mild sting in the skin during pigmented lesion treatment. Ice or cold air is typically sufficient to reduce any discomfort associated with small pigmented lesion removal. For larger lesions and multi color tattoo removal, the provider may inject a numbing medicine to make the treatment more comfortable.

Following Sinon II treatment, your provider will apply a steroid cream to reduce inflammation and soothe the skin. You should follow skin care instructions as advised to speed up healing.

Are there any side effects? What's the downtime?

The side effects and downtime after Sinon II laser treatment are minimal. You can return to all normal activities the same day as your treatment. The most common side effects after removal of pigment lesions and multi color tattoos with Sinon II are redness and crusting. These symptoms can last anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks depending on the size of the treatment area.

Notably, the skin may be mildly pink or red for several months; however, this can be easily camouflaged with makeup or tinted sunscreen. You should follow your aesthetic provider or doctor's post-treatment instructions to minimize side effects and obtain the best results.

How soon will I see Sinon II results? How long will they last?

With a pigmented lesion such as a brown spot, you may see some fading after you skin heals. You will see continued improvement as the residual pinkness in your skin gradually subsides. The results obtained with Sinon II are permanent. However, additional pigment irregularities can develop as your skin continues to age and suffer sun damage. As a result, there may be a recurrence of spots in previously treated areas. These are the normal signs of skin aging and are not previously treated lesions returning.

If you undergo tattoo removal with Sinon II, you will notice fading of the inks after your skin heals. The fading will continue to improve with each subsequent Sinon II session. Tattoo removal with Sinon II is permanent, of course.

How much does a ruby laser treatment cost?

Prices for Sinon II can vary greatly depending on the size of the pigmented lesion or multi color tattoo. On average, ruby laser treatment costs $250 per session for natural skin lesions and $350 per session for tattoo removal. Keep in mind that you may need several sessions to get optimal results.

Finding a provider for Sinon II laser

Sinon II by Alma Laser can provide fast and accurate treatment of pigmented lesions and multi colored tattoos in all skin types with excellent clinical outcomes. If you would like to find out whether Sinon II can treat your brown spots, sun spots, freckles, or help you get rid of an unwanted tattoo, it's important to seek consultation from an experienced provider.

The MeTime app makes it easy to connect with expert aesthetic providers, dermatologists, and cosmetic surgeons in your area who offer Sinon II laser treatments. You can chat through the app, send photos across, do a video consultation, and book your appointment. Download the MeTime app today and see what Sinon II can do for you.

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