10 Marketing Ideas for Aesthetic Clinics

Aug 10, 2022

MeTime - 10 Marketing Ideas for Aesthetic Clinics

In the cut-throat aesthetics industry, you need to stay on top of your game. If you are not making use of every opportunity to expand your business and bring your aesthetic services to more patients, your aesthetic practice may not thrive or even survive.

It goes without saying that digital is the future of marketing in the aesthetic industry. So, if you’re ready to grow your client base and build strong connections with existing and new customers, a comprehensive marketing strategy is the need of the hour. Many companies that offer digital marketing services can provide expert advice and get you started with tried-and-tested brand-building tips. But understanding aesthetic marketing yourself will help give direction to your marketing efforts.

If you find yourself wondering - How do I market my aesthetic clinic? Or... How do you advertise a cosmetic clinic? - Read on. Here are 10 marketing ideas for aesthetic clinics.

Why do aesthetic clinics need a marketing strategy?

Whether you are an aesthetic clinic that offers invasive plastic surgery or a clinic that specializes in non-invasive treatments, you cannot afford to ignore digital marketing. Yellow pages are a thing of the past. Surveys have shown that 8 out of 10 patients interested in cosmetic procedures start by Google shopping to find cosmetic surgeons. And today's consumers have vast choices, indeed. Given how competitive the aesthetics industry is, prospective aesthetic patients have an abundance of options. You need to be visible to new patients and you need to stand out from the crowd.

So, how do you ensure that your aesthetic clinic reaches new patients effectively? And how do you ensure patient retention? Read on for some digital marketing ideas for aesthetic practices. By making some of these strategies key components of your marketing plan, you can yield great results for your medical practice.

A Professional Website: The First Impression

A website is the first impression prospective patients get of an aesthetics clinic. Design your website intelligently. There is no point in paying to drive traffic to your website with Google ads only to lose new clients because your website is clunky or difficult to navigate.

Your website should be clean, responsive, and mobile-friendly. The first page should reiterate your brand. Use videos, images, patient stories, latest posts, and treatment information to make your website a vibrant place that keeps patients engaged and interested. Don't forget to leverage online reviews. Authentic patient testimonials and positive reviews are very important in medical aesthetics.

It is useful to have a clear and defined strategy about what you want to achieve from your website. Are you driving website traffic from search engines to get new clients? Do you want to engage with potential patients to try your service?

The behind-the-scenes software on your website should be optimized to capture new leads, respond to patient questions, store information, and give you strategic data insights. 

Social Media Campaigns for Aesthetic Clinics

Even the most advanced digital marketing techniques cannot attract every patient demographic. Your social media marketing efforts should be focused on the ideal target market for the aesthetic services you are promoting. They should also be optimized for a specific social media platform. For example, Instagram is a visual platform, while Facebook is better suited for patient engagement. Remember that many people will look at your paid ads on a mobile phone, so make sure they are designed to be mobile-friendly.

To obtain the greatest returns on marketing investments, identify your target new clients and offer them appropriate aesthetic services. Be sure to track engagement so you can spot opportunities to streamline and improve your aesthetic marketing efforts.

Online Advertising is Key in Digital Marketing

SEO and organic Google search are not enough for lead generation. For aesthetic clinics to realize their full potential, paid advertising is vital. Google ads and Facebook ads are a solid investment in your marketing plan. Design your ads carefully, using the correct keywords and compelling ad text.

But this is only half the battle won. Once you are driving traffic to your website from Google search and Google ads, you then need to convert the clicks into new patients. This means giving prospective patients relevant information through well-designed landing pages. An effective landing page is nice and clean and breaks down important information that patients are asking. What is this procedure? How does it work? How long is the downtime? What does it cost? Most importantly, don't forget a strong call to action, whether it is a contact form or a booking form for your aesthetic services.

Database Software Tools for Your Aesthetic Clinic

To maximize their digital marketing strategy, aesthetic clinics need to utilize software that can effectively manage interactions with leads and prospective patients. Meaning, when you capture information from a lead, you need database software tools such as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to store information in an organized way, send promotional emails, connect on social media, and follow up on inquiries. Aesthetic practices that are a medical clinic need HIPAA compliant CRM in the United States. Other countries may also have regulations to ensure that any patient health information shared with you online is handled securely.

Automated Email Marketing: An Essential Strategy

Email marketing is a great way to get your aesthetic marketing efforts off the ground. Write authentic, engaging messages that patients will truly love. Your emails should make them want your treatments now rather than waiting for a promotional offer or discount. As your aesthetic practice grows, you will need to graduate to using automated email marketing. This is one of the most effect ways to drive people to your website, convert prospects to long-term customers, educate your patients, alert them to new promotions, encourage them to book appointments, build trust over time, and increase referrals.

The MeTime App: Bringing Prospective Patients to You

An aesthetic business needs apps that connect prospective clients to them. This should be a priority for all aesthetic clinics and medical spas. Social media engagement is not enough. You should be able to take appointments and payments and share information smoothly. The MeTime app is designed to make things easier for you, your practice managers, and your patients. MeTime removes the need for patients to spend hours searching for cosmetic treatments on web browsers, trying to figure out what is right for them. There is no need for multiple physical consultations from different specialists. Prospective clients simply connect and communicate with you so you can provide tailored recommendations based on their preferences and profiles.

Promote Treatments

Your practice is defined by the services you offer. Focus on promoting your most popular treatments. Offer bundles of different treatments that work well together to increase sales. Demystify less popular treatments by highlighting their results in your marketing material.

Cultivate Connections

Technology can only do so much. Satisfied and happy patients are your biggest brand ambassadors. Don't miss the opportunity to promote exceptional results. Ask your aesthetic patients to write testimonials. Use them in digital marketing campaigns. Offer promotional prices or treatments to existing customers for referring your aesthetic services. Considering offering discounted consultations to referred patients.

Streamline Workflow

The MeTime app makes it easier for you to develop a relationship with potential new customers. You can schedule video consultations or in-office appointments for periods outside of treatment times. This way you can stimulate new traffic through consultations while also utilizing what are typically “down” periods for your practice. At the same time, growing your aesthetic business requires some degree of staying flexible, so you can seize opportunities when they present themselves. 

Communicate with Clients

To convert prospects into patients, you should be able to engage and communicate with them. Effective communication helps you better understand what aesthetic services a patient desires and could benefit from and resolve the differences. Communication also helps to build trust and respect and create an environment for problem solving, setting the stage for a great relationship. The MeTime app makes communicating easy and clients can connect with you on their mobile phones.

The Takeaway

If you are a plastic surgeon, cosmetic surgeon, dermatologist, medical spa owner, or other aesthetic professional, you might be wondering how to create the perfect digital marketing plan for your aesthetic services that will get results. Hopefully this guide will provide you some aesthetic marketing ideas and tools that you might want to employ at your business. The key takeaway is that a combination of human approaches and technology are needed for effective marketing of aesthetic services. 

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