Why Combination Cosmetic Treatments Are All The Rage

Feb 05, 2022

MeTime - Why Combination Cosmetic Treatments Are All The Rage

A new trend that is fast catching on in the world of cosmetic procedures is getting multiple aesthetic treatments done at the same time. Let's take a deep dive into the pros and cons of combination cosmetic treatments and find out why they're becoming so popular.

What has led to an interest in combination non invasive treatments and plastic surgery?

Pre-pandemic, we spent maybe 10 minutes in front of the mirror, doing our makeup and sticking in our contact lenses before rushing out our front doors. But with work from home and online meetings becoming the norm rather than the exception since 2020, one unexpected effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been that many are spending more time looking at our own faces, albeit on a thumbnail on our screens. And it's made us more aware of things like fine lines, clogged pores, sagging skin, acne scarring, and other imperfections.

This fallout of the pandemic has even been given a name - it's being called the “Zoom effect.” A byproduct of the Zoom effect is a growing interest in aesthetic plastic surgery. Many people have become interested in fine-tuning their appearance with non surgical cosmetic treatments like chemical peels, minimally invasive procedures like Botox (which is an injectable treatment), or even going to whole nine yards with facial plastic surgery. The effect has spilled over from the facial areas to the entire body with many folks giving serious consideration to towards looking their very best. And this has got people thinking - why get only one treatment done when you can get multiple problems addressed at the same time with a combination of aesthetic treatments?

What are combination cosmetic treatments?

Combination therapies are interventions in which you undergo more than one type of treatment at the same time. It's also called polymedicine and it isn't something new. The simplest example is taking multiple drugs that act in different ways to treat a particular condition.

Combination therapies exist in almost every medical field, and cosmetic treatments are no exception. Dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, and aesthetic practices frequently offer a "stack" of non-invasive procedures to treat visible signs of aging and rejuvenate the facial skin. There are dozens of ways to maximize results from non invasive cosmetic treatments and help clients look their most beautiful using this approach.

The approach is not limited to non surgical treatments alone. Many plastic surgeries can be performed in combination too. Perhaps the best known example is a mommy makeover, which is a popular combination of plastic surgery techniques that address common issues in women who have gone through pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

More specifically, a board certified plastic surgeon performs a combination of body contouring procedures that focus mostly on the breasts and abdomen, with other procedures added on as needed.

What are some common cosmetic treatment combos?

Combo cosmetic treatments are all the rage these days because they get results. For instance, complete facial rejuvenation may not be possible with one treatment alone. For this reason, many doctors recommend a combination of FDA approved treatments. The procedures work in very different ways, but they can be safely and effectively used together to achieve more dramatic and longer-lasting results. One procedure will address fine lines, another will restore volume, another will result in hair removal, and yet another will destroy fat cells.

Examples of combination cosmetic procedures include Botox and dermal fillers like hyaluronic acid (also called a liquid facelift); Botox, dermal fillers, and mesotherapy combined; energy based treatments like laser treatments, IPL, and radiofrequency energy with dermal fillers and injectable treatment like Botox.

Among the surgical procedures, many patients choose a mommy makeover. Eyelid surgery and facelift is another popular combo. Some men choose to have man boobs and stubborn pockets of fat in the flanks (love handles) addressed at the same time.

What are the advantages of combo cosmetic treatments?

Holistic Approach

Skin problems don't exist in isolation. Most of us have one, two, three issues that plague our skin. Combination treatments can help address multiple conditions with a holistic approach. For example, microneedling done along with a vampire facelift (platelet rich plasma or PRP) can give you superior results. 

The microneedling component addresses things like facial lines, large pores, sun damage, and sagging skin because it stimulates collagen production and leads to skin tightening. At the same time the PRP supplies growth factors to the skin to restore a more youthful appearance. Other blended therapies can target inflammation from acne breakouts and improve overall skin appearance by giving you more uniform skin tone and texture.

Time Saving

A big benefit of combining cosmetic treatments, for example, energy-based treatments and injectables, is a saving of time. You might only need one appointment rather than multiple appointments to get the desired results. Plus, because you get enhanced results from combination therapies, your practitioner doesn’t have to do as much maintenance work, which also saves you time in the long run.

Better Results

Aesthetic practitioners say that some procedures work better when they are performed together than when they are performed separately. A good example is microdermabrasion which removes the dead and damaged upper skin layer to reveal healthy, radiant skin underneath. It works great on its own, but you can get even better results if you combine it with chemical peels or laser treatments. This is because microdermabrasion removes barriers like dead skin cells, allowing the chemical peel or laser treatment to penetrate the skin better.

Easier Recovery

The recovery time is shorter overall when you have two or three procedures done at the same time. That's because you recover in parallel from all your procedures. For instance, let's take facial surgery and body contouring combined. If you need two weeks to recover for your face and two weeks for your tummy, if you get them together, you won't need four weeks of recovery, you'll do it in two weeks. It's better than undergoing one procedure, recovering, then undergoing another procedure and recovering again. It also means little downtime and faster return to normal activities, so you have to take less time off work, arrange help at home, etc. This is a more effective way to recovery from multiple treatments.

Cost Saving

Another huge benefit of choosing to combine cosmetic procedures is saving money. Combination treatments requires your cosmetic surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses, and other staff at aesthetic practices to spend less time caring for you, which translates to a reduced cost for you. Many aesthetic providers offer packages for combination treatments, meaning you get better prices if you pay upfront for a series of treatments or combo therapies.

Less Risk

When a plastic surgeon uses general anesthesia to perform a cosmetic surgery, many of the risks of the surgery arise from the use of the anesthesia rather than the surgery itself. By choosing combined cosmetic surgery, you will need to undergo anesthesia only once rather than multiple times, thus reducing risk. 

What are the disadvantages of combination cosmetic procedures?

As with all cosmetic treatments, combination therapies have some negatives.

Specialized Surgeons

Some plastic surgeons only do faces - they won't touch your body. Others only do breasts and they won't attempt a tummy tuck or facial plastic surgery. This is because while each surgeon is trained to perform all types of plastic and reconstructive surgery, they often develop a specialization in specific procedures, in which they become experienced and skilled. So, if you are trying to address issues in different parts of your body, you will need a surgeon who can address each of your problem areas. It can sometimes be difficult to find a plastic surgeon who is experienced in a wider range of procedures.

Anesthetic Time

Surgeons can only keep a patient safely under anesthesia for a limited amount of time. Longer anesthesia times are associated with a greater risk of post-surgical complications. This factor plays a big role in combining plastic surgery procedures.

Recovery Process

While recovery time can be reduced by undergoing multiple cosmetic procedures at the same time, the same cannot be said of the recovery process. A heavy-handed approach can mean a longer and more difficult recovery process. Patients who undergo multiple surgeries may experience more pain and debilitation.

Choosing the best cosmetic procedure - To combine or not to combine?

There is no single right choice between combining or not combining cosmetic procedures. Each has its pros and cons. The important thing is to choose a cosmetic surgeon or aesthetic provider who understands the benefits and risks of combining procedures and can help you make a decision. And that's where the MeTime app comes in. You can use MeTime to connect with leading plastic surgeons and aestheticians in your area, get answers to all your questions, do video consultations, and obtain quotes.

The beauty world has a lot to offer for all skin types and body types. All you have to do is take the first step and download MeTime to discover your most beautiful self.

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