Pico Clear Lasers


Pico Clear Lasers

Tattoos have been increasing in popularity over the last decade or so, but not everyone who gets a tattoo is happy with their decision. Removal of an unwanted tattoo can be accomplished with lasers. It is a quick outpatient treatment with minimal side effects. One such laser that uses superior ultra short picosecond technology for tattoo removal is called Pico Clear. Keep reading to learn more about this laser which has heralded a new era in not only the removal of tattoos but also the treatment of acne scarring, benign pigmented lesions, and skin rejuvenation.

What is picosecond laser technology?

A picosecond laser is a device that delivers picosecond pulses of energy to a target lesion, whether it is a tattoo ink or natural pigment in a benign skin lesion. The powerful light beam penetrates the skin and shatters the pigment in the targeted area with a photo acoustic effect (the mechanical force of light). The resultant microscopic dust-like fragments of pigment are identified as foreign substances by the body's immune system and removed via natural processes.

Compared to traditional lasers used to remove tattoos, a picosecond laser can remove pigments and tattoo inks in fewer treatments. This is thanks to the shorter pulse duration which results in a higher convergence of laser energy on the target lesion, which more effectively shatters the pigments into smaller fragments.

What is Pico Clear laser?

Pico Clear is a relatively new laser developed by Alma Lasers, a global leader in laser, light-based, ultrasound, and radiofrequency solutions for aesthetic treatments. Pico Clear is special because of it has an ultra short picosecond pulse duration and multiple wavelengths on a single platform.

The novel Pico Clear has heralded a new era in laser technology by offering an ultra short picosecond pulse (300-350 picoseconds), which is the shortest currently available on the market. The ultra short pulses of energy create photoacoustic waves which target pigment in the skin and shatter it into micro pigment dust which is disposed by the immune system. The various wavelengths make it possible for Pico Clear to treat the full spectrum of tattoo color inks with optimal results.

These features make it possible for aesthetic providers to create tailored treatments based on a client's needs. It is also possible to get optimal results for laser tattoo removal and various challenging dermatological indications with just a few treatments.  

How does it work?

As noted, the Pico Clear treatment concept utilizes a shorter pulse duration, yielding a higher energy delivery mode on the target tissue. The ultra short picosecond pulses generate a mechanical force which shatters the pigment in tattoo inks or pigmented lesions in skin tissue into thin dust particles. This is how Pico Clear works, in essence.

Pico Clear has various different wavelengths, ranging from 1064nm to 660nm to 595nm to 532nm. This makes it possible for the system to remove more pigments, including dark ink and colored ink tattoos, in less time. The different wavelengths and energy based medical laser system can also treat a pigmented skin concern like an age spot using the same technique.

What can Pico Clear be used to treat?

Pico lasers are not only effective for tattoo removal. They can also be used for an extensive array of dermatological applications including:

Skin discoloration

Pico Clear can target the natural pigment in all types of skin lesions such as age spots, freckles, birth marks, brown patches, and solar lentigines.

Acne scarring

The system comes with multiple hand-pieces and a choice of operation modes that enable providers to treat acne scars and wrinkles. Pico Clear stimulates collagen production in the skin, which helps to fill the pits and scars caused by acne.

Enlarged pores

The Pico Clear light beam penetrates the skin and leads to increased collagen production which fills up indentations, leaving the treated area with a smoother appearance.

Skin rejuvenation

In the summer of 2019, it was announced "Alma Lasers launches Pico Clear advanced Double Pulse", a unique energy based medical feature that enhances the photoacoustic effect of the laser with an added thermal effect. This feature allows Pico Clear to be used for wrinkle reduction and to improve skin tone and texture. Pico laser can therefore perform skin rejuvenation for a clearer complexion and tighter skin with less downtime.

How does dark and multi-colored laser tattoo removal work?

Many traditional lasers are not effective against dark and multicolored tattoos. The pico laser, however, can remove all ink colors and do it in fewer treatments. This is because the various wavelengths of the Pico Clear platform target the relevant pigment and shatter it into micro sized particles.

Pico Clear includes the standard 1064nm wavelength which is also found in ND:YAG lasers for removal of darker tattoo inks. But in addition, it also has a 53nm wavelength which is effective against yellow/orange inks. There are two more wavelengths in Pico Clear - 585nm which gives good results on sky-blue and purple inks, previously considered impossible to remove - and 650 nm for dark green inks as well as apple green ink.

While many laser systems have additional wavelengths available, the trade-off has always been less energy. This is not the case in Pico Clear, in which the peak power is maintained high enough to be effective.

Does the Pico Clear laser really work?

Yes, Pico Clear is an effective laser platform that is associated with a shorter treatment time and less recovery time. The energy is delivered in short bursts to minimize skin damage in the surrounding tissues, thus enhancing patient safety. Pico Clear treatments are painless and comfortable for patients and only a few treatments are required compared to conventional lasers.

What are the benefits of Pico laser?

Fewer treatments

As noted, Pico Clear has the shortest pulse duration of 300-350 picoseconds. Other picosecond lasers are in the 500-750 picoseconds range (which is nearly a nanosecond). Pico Clear thus yields high peak power, which shatters the pigment into smaller pieces, which are easier for the immune system to remove, which results in fewer treatments.

Customized treatment settings

Alma Lasers Pico Clear is a versatile platform on which providers can customize the treatment settings based on the clients' needs and aesthetic goals. Parameters such as the wavelength, energy level, energy delivery mode, spot size, and frequency can all be controlled to tailor the treatment to an individual patient.

Increased safety

The auto-detection feature in the hand-pieces allows the doctor to receive voice alerts after every change in setting. This enhances user experience and increases patient safety.

Darker skin types

Pico Clear can safely and effectively treat a variety of skin pigmentation issues in all skin types, including darker skin tones and Asian skin which has a higher risk of PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation). This is because the system minimizes heat transfer and utilizes a photoacoustic effect to deliver laser energy to the targeted areas.

How long does it take to see results from Pico Clear?

The healing process after a Pico Clear treatment usually lasts 7-10 days. During this time, the treated area may appear pink and have mild swelling. However, these side effects are temporary and subside over time without any specific treatment.

Is pico laser permanent?

Pico laser results in permanent removal of tattoos and fading of scars. However, when it is used for wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation, these conditions can gradually return over time as the skin continues to age.

How much does Pico Clear cost?

The cost of your Pico Clear treatment will depend on where you live, the experience level of your clinician, and the areas being treated. On average, a pico laser treatment is around $500 per session. Keep in mind that you will need a series of treatments to get the desired results.

Ready to try Pico Clear for yourself?

Pico Clear is an advanced solution for laser tattoo removal and a variety of dermatological concerns. While laser treatments are safe and effective, it is essential that you choose a qualified and certified provider for your treatments who is trained to use these devices. The MeTime app makes it easy to connect with experienced Pico Clear providers, get answers to your questions, schedule a video consultation, and get quotes. You can even book an appointment through the MeTime app. What are you waiting for? Download the MeTime app today!

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