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You've been exercising regularly. You manage to get in an intensive workout a couple of times a week. You eat your fruits and veggies. But despite your being health conscious, there are some stubborn areas of fat that never seem to change. Emsculpt treatments could be the supplement to your healthy lifestyle. These body sculpting treatments can help you get further so you can look and feel your best. Continue reading to learn more about the revolutionary treatment called Emsculpt. Learn how it works, what to expect during an Emsculpt session, how much it costs, and what amazing results you can expect.

What is Emsculpt body contouring treatment? How does it work?

Emsculpt is a relatively new, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved technology that exposes muscles to high intensity focused electromagnetic energy. You can think of it as a mini MRI machine. The non invasive device works by inducing a large number of contractions in the muscle tissue. (Emsculpt Neo is a newer technology that uses both radiofrequency and electromagnetic pulses).

Contracting the muscles

The supramaximal contractions (around 20,000 contractions in 30 minutes) caused by Emsculpt or Emsculpt Neo are far greater than what can be achieved during the voluntary contractions of muscles. For example, when you do a squat or a crunch during regular exercise, you only activate 50% of your abdominal muscle fibers for a few seconds. The Emsculpt treatment activates 100% of the abdominal muscles for up to 30 minutes.

Strengthening and defining the core

Emsculpt helps to build muscle. It strengthens and tones muscle mass in the treatment area, such as the abdomen and buttocks. Building muscle with Emsculpt gives the treated area more definition, leaving you with more defined abs and firmer buttocks. Emsculpt also makes working out easier - you'll find you can work out longer and stronger after your body sculpting treatments.

Building new muscle mass

The strain produced by the Emsculpt procedure prompts the body to build new muscle and strengthen the whole core. The Emsculpt treatment targets the major muscles of the abdomen, including those involved in diastasis recti (abdominal separation). Emsculpt treatments can, therefore, can help to close the gap in patients with diastasis recti.

Does Emsculpt burn fat cells for fat reduction?

Yes, an added advantage of the treatment is that in addition to improving muscle definition, Emsculpt burns fat. The activated muscle cells leak a substance that signals the fat cells to break down and provide energy for sustained muscle contractions. This results in the destruction of fat cells and the release of fatty acids. The process of fat cell destruction is called lipolysis. It helps with fat reduction in the treated area. Therefore, along with muscle building, Emsculpt is an effective method to reduce fat. This two-pronged approach, destroying fat cells and building muscle mass, is what makes Emsculpt treatments so effective.

How long do Emsculpt results last?

You will see positive results just one to two days after the Emsculpt treatment. However, you will need more treatments for optimal results. The recommendation is for four treatments performed a few days apart. You will see the final results after a 2-4 week period. It is worth noting that the results of Emsculpt are not permanent. You will need to return for a maintenance session every six months or so to maintain the results.

Do you lose weight with Emsculpt? Is it good for muscle building?

Emsculpt is a fat reduction and body sculpting method. It is not a method for losing weight. However, the powerful contractions of the muscle fibers does burn calories, which can result in some weight loss. The main purpose of the treatment, nonetheless, is to build muscle.

What to expect with Emsculpt?

As noted, Emsculpt works by inducing muscle tissue to contract. For this reason, Emsculpt sessions can feel very similar to an intense workout. However, you will be lying down during the procedure and will not sweat. Your doctor can dial up or reduce the intensity of the treatment based on your tolerance.

There is no downtime or recovery time after Emsculpt. You can return to normal activities immediately afterward. However, if you have some muscle soreness, you may want to avoid working out on the day of your body sculpting treatment.

What are the side effects of Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is a non invasive treatment so the risk of serious adverse events is low. It is an FDA cleared device that is safe to use in fit patients. The most common side effect reported during patient experience surveys is muscle soreness, which is similar to what you might experience after a vigorous workout session. It is worth noting that the third stage of the Emsculpt treatment flushes out lactic acid from the muscles, which helps reduce the residual effect of soreness.

How much does Emsculpt cost? Is Emsculpt worth the money?

The cost of your Emsculpt treatment will depend on the part of the body being treated. The price can also vary based on your geographical location (costs tend to be lower in places where multiple providers offer Emsculpt or Emsculpt Neo treatments). In general, you can expect to pay $750 to $1,000 per treatment session. Remember, you will need four sessions, so your total cost will be $3,000 to $4,000. Whether Emsculpt is worth it or not depends on how easily you can afford the treatment.

Finding a provider for Emsculpt

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