Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of professionals can sign up on MeTime?

If you’re a registered medical professional or healthcare provider offering aesthetic treatments or procedures, you can sign up. You could be a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, dermatology, aesthetic medicine, aesthetic dentistry, aesthetic nursing or other fields such as oculoplastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, cosmetology or podiatry. Clinic owners can also sign up and add details of the medical professionals providing the service. Once you sign up and enter some essential details, your application will be reviewed. Once it's approved (this usually takes less than 24 hours), your account will be live for people to match with you on the MeTime app.

How do I access my MeTime account once I sign up?

How do I get new matches?

What’s a direct link match?

I’m chatting, receiving photos, and taking payments through MeTime. How secure is it?

Can I select which matches I interact with?

I signed up by I don’t see myself on the mobile app as a medical professional in my area yet, why?

How do I receive payments for treatments through the app?

What happens after the 30-days free trial of the Premium Plan?

How is the MeTime Score determined and what does it mean?

What’s the difference between messages and matches in my dashboard?

Who do I ask if I have more questions?