Amaris B. Clinic

140 Arab Street Singapore 199827, Singapore

  • Doctor / Physician
  • Nurse
  • Aesthetician / cosmetologist
  • General surgeon

16 years experience
16 years experience

Amaris’ in Hebrew means ‘Promised by God’ and ‘B’ in essence, symbolises the passion in seeking Beauty from inside out. “Wanting to look good is not just about vanity, it is to fulfil a personal desire” was our founding philosophy back in 2004. Over the years, Amaris B. Clinic has gone beyond providing only medical aesthetics. We are ever passionate about body sculpting and aesthetics and are thankful to have received many accolades and recognition over the years. Without steering away from our passion, we have now integrated functional medicine such as Sports Medicine like Fitness, Pain Management and Complementary Medicine like acupuncture and allied health services such as myotherapy to our existing services. We fully personalised our approach to help you enhance your look, improve your body shape and confidence, health and fitness on every level. In our clinic, the focus is always about our client’s aesthetic goals, concerns and wellbeing. We believe in ensuring that our client gets the most appropriate treatment, care and an unparalleled overall experience. This belief and practice start from the moment a patient walks into the clinic. We look forward to the future with renewed passion, vigour and determination; factors that have contributed to our past success. Our range of integrative medicine treatments has helped many people realise their beauty ideals and optimal health. Health is Beauty, Beauty is Health.

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